Cloud Fax Services Usage
Posted by Dave Friedrich on 03/17/2022 2:50 PM


Incoming - Incoming faxes now deliver via email to a designated address associated with any given department that has a published fax number.  The vast majority of emails configured for this purpose are aliases that point to a logical individual in the department.  Any incoming faxes simply deliver as PDF documents.

Outgoing - Outgoing faxes are sent/generated similar to printing and/or generating PDF documents.  The driver needs to be installed on the computer of any individual needing the ability to send faxes.  When printing using this driver, the option is called Internet Fax on the list of printers. When a user first attempts a fax, they'll be prompted for settings.  These settings should persist, but it seems to be that they don't necessarily in some cases. The fields should be completed with info relevant to a given individual/department.  The key fields are the Authorization info.  The username is the email associated with their department's fax number and the password for the account is CairnFax!!   It should look like the following:

On the next page, the values are:

To: The name of the person/company they're faxing to.  If it's one they'll use repeatedly, they can check the box to save
Subject:  Whatever
Fax #:  The 10-digit fax number.  Once entered, click the button to "Add REcipient"

There is a button for "Cover Page" to optionally add a cover page (Standard, confidential, etc.) and/or supplemental text.

Then hit "send" to send the fax.   It would look as follows:

Users who have the fax driver/software installed will have an icon in their system tray where they can see the status/history of their faxing.

Note - If someone has a hard copy document that they need to fax, they'll need to scan it in and then send it electronically.

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