How to forward your Cairn Gmail to a personal email account
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This guide will guide you on how to forward your Cairn Gmail to a personal email account  


  1. Login to If you get an error, try logging in using a different browser or use the incognito option. 

  2. Enter your username and password.

  3. Once logged in to your email, click on the configuration gear icon on the top right.

  4. Once under settings, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP


  1. Click on Add a forwarding address button.


  1. Type your forwarding (personal email address where you want to forward your email to) and then click on Next.

  2. Confirm your forwarding address and then click on Proceed.

  3. Click OK on the following dialog box.

  4. Now the following is a crucial step and you need to complete it. Go to your personal email account (Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Verizon or whatever you are using) and you should have received an email similar to the message below. Click on the link from the email to confirm the forwarding. The forward is not active until you confirm the forward by clicking on the link. 

  5. Now you are done. 

  6. Now just to make sure, go back into your Cairn Gmail account and get to step 4 above and verify that “Forward a copy of incoming mail …... and keep Cairn Mail copy in Inbox. If not checked, make sure it is checked and then click on Save changes.


If the guide does not work for some reason or a step has been changed, please contact



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