How to Find your Library ID (Barcode) to login the Cairn Library?
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In order to access the Masland Library resources remotely, all students and faculty need to authenticate using their last name, barcode and the library pin. Here is a video on how to locate the library barcode and pin number: . 

Procedure to locate the barcode
If you have a Cairn issued ID, your 14 digit barcode is located below your name on your ID. If you do not have an ID, you can find it on your own using eLearning. Due to FERPA regulations relating student privacy, we cannot send you the barcode and the student must follow the procedure below. 

1. Login to eLearning (

2. While at the front page (after logging in) click on your picture or name at the top right of the eLearning Page. 

3. Choose Profile

4. Click on Edit Profile in the middle column area


5. Once on your profile, click on Optional toward right above the Update Profile button.


Scroll down and it will say ID number and a 9 digit number:


Now write down this 9 digit number and then add 25800 in front of it. That will give you then a 14 digit number. It should start with 25800FollowedByYourStudentID as from the directions above.

Now go to and login. 

If you are having trouble with the Pin and for more information using the library 'My Account', see this tutorial: 


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