Quiz Items Hidden in Gradebook or Grade Categories for the students i.e. students cannot see quiz grades
Posted by Sali Kaceli, Last modified by Sali Kaceli on 09/16/2016 3:03 PM


The faculty creates a quiz in the course page. The item is not hidden from the course page. However, when you go to the gradebook or categories and items, the students cannot see the quiz item or the grade for that item. And the faculty does not have the option to unhide the item. 



The problem is related to the quiz review options set to not show the score during the quiz and not setting an ending date for the quiz. 

So the faculty either needs to set an end date for the quiz under the Edit Settings for the quiz or go under Review Options under the quiz settings and make sure that all options are checked under "During Attempt". If still trouble, then have check all the options. 


sk. 8/15/2014. 

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