How to view a Narrated PowerPoint in a Forum in eLearning?
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There are times when in a forum in a course students are required to present their presentations to peers in a narrated format. Also, in these cases the students may need to upload the presentation via Google Drive. So the question is how can you as a peer student review the presented narrated presentation from another student.


Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the forum and click on the link for the student presentation (the presentation that one of your peers posted).


  1. The link should take you to Google Drive similar to below.


  1. The next step is for you to now download the student presentation. Click on the Down Arrrow (Download Button) right above the presentation.


  1. Now save the file to  your computer somewhere where you can find it. It is assumed you know how to do this step.


  1. Now once you have downloaded it, open the presentation in PowerPoint.

  1. Now finally press F5 in the keyboard or press Slideshow and then choose from the beginning to start presenting the downloaded presentation.


  1. Now listen to the presentation, taking notes and then post the notes back in the course forum.

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