Using Google Drive to Collaborate with Others at Cairn University
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Using Google Drive to Collaborate at Cairn University – A Comprehensive Tutorial

A comprehensive tutorial on using Google Drive and Team Drives is now available from this link. Learn how to use Google Drive and Team Drives to collaborate effectively and securely share your files.  The tutorial starts with the general components of how Drive works and then covers areas of creating new content, uploading new files, properly sharing the files and effectively collaborating with others. Note also the Table of Contents on the bottom right of the video if you want to skip to a particular section.

  • 00:00 Getting Started with Drive and General Components
  • 03:48 Accessing the Google Drive Account
  • 07:04 Creating New Files in Drive
  • 13:26 Collaborating Using a Shared Document
  • 14:57 Collaborating by Commenting on a Document
  • 19:00 Collaborating using Live Chat in a Document
  • 20:47 Inserting Comments in a Document
  • 21:21 Creating and Sharing Folders
  • 27:43 Organizing Files in Drive
  • 30:00 Uploading Existing Files in Drive
  • 32:47 Working with Team Drives
  • 38:00 Restoring Deleted Files
  • 39:19 Uploading New Versions of Files
  • 41:26 Downloading and Using File Stream


The Quick Guide with detailed directions is available from this link.

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