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Updating the Outlook Autofill Address for
Posted by Sali Kaceli, Last modified by Sali Kaceli on 03/18/2014 2:00 PM

Updating the Outlook Autofill Address for

With the switch to the new TS Helpdesk Software, the Outlook Autofill Address may need to be updated. Please follow the procedure below to remove the old entry.



User tries to send email to and the email is returned or cannot be delivered.



  1. As you start a new email to the TS Work Order System you will notice an entry called Technology Services (Work Order). We need to delete this old entry first. In the address bar, start typing ts and when the entry appears press the delete icon on the top right of the drop-down listing. If there are two of them (like in the snapshot below), delete both of them.


  1. Now that you deleted the entry, proceed sending an email again to and the entry will be updated with the correct one from now on. If you have an Outlook 2007 and you do not see the x (delete) icon as in the snapshot above, then select the entry and press Delete on the keyboard. This will remove it. If there are two of them like in the snapshot above, make sure you delete them both. 


If you run into problems, please contact Technology Services by calling (215) 702-4554




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