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Cybersecurity at Cairn and Technology Services Guidelines
Posted by Sali Kaceli on 10/30/2019 2:47 PM

Technology Services (TS) takes system security seriously through the use of firewalls, system access controls and other technologies. However, due to increased recent ransomware threats, where whole university computer systems end up locked down, it is imperative that we all play an active role in protecting the Cairn IT infrastructure from intrusions, malicious code and ransomware. Thus, please be mindful of the guidelines and tips listed below: 

  1. Use a unique password for the Cairn systems. Using the Cairn password for non-Cairn systems and sites can pose a major security risk. If you are, change it today by going to  
  2. Guard your Cairn password by not sharing it with anyone including the academic assistants, student workers or even the Technology Services (TS) staff. Remember TS also does NOT send generic emails requesting you to confirm the username or password. If you receive such messages, delete them. Otherwise you are giving away your password. When using your Cairn password, make sure that the URL begins with https:// and ends with The only exception to this is Google related services ending with TS does not send generic emails requesting you to confirm the username or password.   If you receive such messages, delete them. 
  3. Be mindful of social engineering and phishing emails. Some emails contain links requesting you enter your password, open an attachment, urgently send gift cards, job offers, and even LinkedIn/social media requests from individuals you do not know or claiming to be from Cairn. Such emails are considered phishing or spear phishing and are intended to get you to click on the links or simply respond. These are currently the main method for system intrusions and ransomware. If you are not expecting such emails, simply delete the message without clicking on any of the links. Make sure you review this brief video by FBI on social engineering and how to detect spear phishing attempts. 

If in doubt, check with Technology Services staff prior to clicking on anything. It can take only one minute to check and it can prevent personal identity theft and large scale system issues.

Read more from this article on additional guidelines and tips. 

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